Pendulum Ride

December 15, 2022

The pendulum ride is the very thrilled amusement equipment, which is very popular among adults and kids in the amusement park.


The common model of pendulum ride for us is 5P, 6P, 12P, 24P and 30P. It has two different driving ways. One way is upper drive and its motor is on the top, and the power is generated from the top, which allows it to exert its ability to a greater extent. The swing range can reach about 100°. The other way is under drive. Because the power part is at the lower part, the large pendulum can swing by friction. Although the swing amplitude is not as large as that of the upper drive, it can also reach nearly 60°.


The equipment consists of main support, hanging device, pendulum and electrical system. The main part of the pendulum is of truss structure. The shell of the pendulum is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. Seats and safety pressure bars are installed on the pendulum to ensure the safety of tourists. The main drive of the pendulum is driven by the motor to drive the slewing bearing, so that the motor can flexibly track the swing of the pendulum and realize non-uniform rotation.


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