Clown Trackless Train

November 29, 2023

The clown trackless train is our hot-sale train. It is very easy to operate, driven purely by electric power. It is designed in an antique style, which is very beautiful and has high ornamental value. The body is made of high-quality fiberglass, which is durable and can bring you long-term good profits.

The electric train consists of a locomotive and four passenger carriages, which can accommodate 15 children and adults. It can be widely used in shopping malls or large shopping centers. In addition, it is used in tourist areas, amusement parks, community parks and other places. With the increasing capacity of electric batteries, electric trains without tracks have become popular in many scenic spots. This train is equipped with an automatic intelligent charger. Generally the charging time 8-10 hours. It can run about 80-100Km (10-12 hours). It has five link spring plate for shock absorption system and carriage is curved open carriage with roof. Its running speed 3-7Km/h is and turning radius is 2.5m.

We also have other models like 12 seats, 14 seats, 27 seats, 42 seats, 58 seats and 72 seats for the trackless train to choose. If you want to know more information about the trackless train, please contact us freely.


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